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global rules obey forum

Global Forum Rules
1. Be kind to yourself and other users.
Try not to offend, this includes no racism/slurs/discrimination/hate speech/threats, or gang up on others. Keep this a friendly place for everyone to hang out.

2. Avoid inciting others

Try to avoid politics/religion and other topics likely to incite people to avoid messy conversations. If you want to talk about these topics, please DM them instead. Please do not start commenting about either of these topics, even if it is only a sentence.

3. No spams or advertising allowed.

No spamming, scamming, auctions, raffles, lottos, etc.

4. NSFW is not allowed period.

Do not post any content that would be considered inappropriate on our forums. Our domain simply does not allow it.

5. Do not be annoying.

DO NOT engage in any other excessively disruptive behavior. If any staff member warns you or asks you to stop doing something, stop doing it or you will face consequences.

6. No impersonations.

DO NOT Impersonate any of the staff members or any other member, this includes mocking.

Forum specific topics must stick to their designated forum.
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